Elevate Your Space with the Perfect Fit

Choosing the perfect poster size is vital to making your space come alive with inspiration. At Atka Inspirations, we offer a range of sizes to fit different environments and artistic needs. Here, we'll help you visualize the perfect spot for each size, guiding you towards creating a vibrant, inspiring environment.

Medium - 30x40cm

Our medium size is perfect for intimate art clusters or adorning compact spaces. They work well in narrow hallways, above work desks, bookshelves, or in cozy reading nooks. Alternatively, combine them with larger prints to create an engaging gallery wall that showcases a variety of pieces.

- Perfect fit for smaller, intimate spaces like work desks, bookshelves, or reading corners.

- Ideal for creating a mini gallery wall with multiple prints or themes.

- Excellent choice for personalizing compact areas such as dorm rooms or studio apartments.

- A thoughtful gift for colleagues, friends, or as a thoughtful dorm-warming present.

Large - 40x50cm

A versatile choice for medium to large-sized areas, this size is excellent for creating a focal point above small furniture pieces like a console or a nightstand. It could also serve as the centrepiece of a multi-print arrangement in larger spaces, such as over a dining room buffet or in your home office.

- A versatile size perfect for decorating a variety of spaces, stand-alone or part of a gallery wall.

- Ideal for bedrooms, study rooms, home offices, or smaller living spaces.

- Excellent for creating a focal point above a console table, desk, or bookshelf.

- A great housewarming, birthday, or special occasion gift.

Extra-Large - 50x70cm

Make a statement with our large sizes. These sizes are perfect above a sofa, a bed, or anchoring a living room gallery wall. If you're looking to enhance a spacious kitchen or brighten up your workspace, these prints will do the job beautifully.

- Versatile size suitable for an array of spaces, it can be a standout piece or part of a gallery wall.

- Perfect for smaller living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, or dining rooms.

- Excellent for creating a focal point in a home office, above a desk or bookshelf.

- Makes a great housewarming, birthday, or anniversary gift.

Panoramic Multi-Panel Collection

Elevate your interior decor with our new wide-format artwork, beautifully split across multiple elegant aluminum panels. Each panel, measuring 50 cm in width and 70 cm in height, comes together to form an expansive display of 150 cm wide and more.

Designed for a cohesive yet distinct presentation, these panels are intended to be spaced slightly apart, creating a captivating flow of art across your wall. The premium quality aluminum ensures lasting durability and a sleek, contemporary finish.

Ideal for making a striking statement in living areas, offices, or spacious corridors, our Panoramic Three-Panel Collection offers a modern and sophisticated approach to traditional wall art. Transform your space with this innovative and stylish addition.

Image Cropping Guide for Poster Sizes

At Atka Inpsirations, we strive to ensure that every detail of your chosen image is beautifully showcased. We understand that each space is unique, just like our posters, which is why we offer a variety of sizes to perfectly fit your walls. Depending on the size you select, there may be slight cropping of the image to ensure it fits the dimensions chosen. This is a standard practice in fine art printing, aimed at delivering the best visual impact. Rest assured, any adjustments are made with the utmost care and attention to preserve the essence of the artwork. And to give you a clear idea of how your poster will look, we've provided some illustrative examples in our sizing guide. Our goal is to bring you a piece that sits in harmony with your space, exuding elegance and charm.

As you will notice in the example below, the differences are subtle.

  • 30 x 40 cm

  • 40 x 50 cm

  • 50 x 70 cm

Aluminium Print

Discover a new realm of artistic expression with our exclusive metal (aluminium) prints. Embrace the cool, contemporary vibe that these sleek, durable prints bring to any space. Our high-definition metal artworks are not just prints; they are a fusion of durability and modern elegance. The vibrant colors and crisp details on the smooth metal surface offer a unique visual experience, turning each piece into a standout work of art. Perfect for the modern home or office, our metal prints are a testament to the innovation and creativity of today's art. Elevate your walls with the cutting-edge coolness of aluminium – where every print is a conversation starter.

Every aluminum panel comes ready out of the box with a wall hanger attached, ensuring a hassle-free display experience

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