Embrace the elegance and innovation of our 3mm Aluminium Dibond prints, where art is brought to life through direct printing onto the metal. This process ensures not only vivid and crisp visuals but also longevity and sophistication.

Here are six key advantages of choosing our Aluminium prints:

  • Superior Quality

    Experience unparalleled durability and craftsmanship, ensuring your art remains timeless.

  • Luxurious Finish

    Each piece radiates sophistication, adding a touch of luxury to your space.

  • Crystal Clear UV Printing

    Enjoy vibrant, lifelike colors with our direct-to-metal UV printing for stunning detail clarity.

  • Scratch-Resistant

    Our posters are highly resistant to scratches, preserving their pristine appearance over time

  • Matte, Non-Glare Surface

    View your art comfortably from any angle, thanks to our non-reflective, glare-free finish.

  • Modern Aesthetic

    The sleek and contemporary look of Aluminium Dibond is perfect for modernizing any living space.

Experience the exceptional qualities of Aluminium Dibond, a composite material consisting of three layers – two aluminium outer plates and a polyethylene core. This 3mm thick panel combines lightweight properties with remarkable durability. Its sandwich-like structure ensures both stability and flexibility, making it an ideal choice for various applications that require longevity and aesthetic appeal. The matte finish adds a sophisticated touch, perfect for projects demanding high-quality and precision.

Wall Hanger

Experience the elegance and simplicity of our invisible wall hangers, designed to showcase our metal posters in their full glory. Engineered for security and aesthetic appeal, these hangers ensure that each poster sits perfectly flat against your wall, creating a clean and seamless look. The unique design of our hangers allows each piece to 'float' about 8 mm from the wall, adding an intriguing dimension and a subtle shadow that further accentuates the artwork. This floating effect not only enhances the visual impact of our metal posters but also complements any room decor, making it an effortlessly stylish way to display art.